Panoclip A for iPhone

Panoclip A for iPhone


Compatible with the iPhone, the Snap-On 360° Lens from PanoClip slides onto your phone and uses its cameras to create 360° images. It will fit over thin, flexible screen protectors and thicker, more rigid ones, as well as thin protective cases.


To create seamless images, avoid moving while capturing photos, and don't place important subjects at the border between the two lenses, which lay directly to the left and right of your phone. Tiny Planet mode creates shots with an expansive image area, and Spin View turns 360° photos into dynamic video clips that display your shot from different angles. Captured images can also be shared on social media and enhanced using filters and stickers, which are available using the PanoClip 360° Lens app from the App Store.


Included is a carry pouch, which doubles as a lens cloth for cleaning both of the PanoClip's lenses, as well as your phone's lenses. Protection is provided by a limited 1-year warranty

iPhone Model

Camera Resolution

Photo resolution is based on the resolution of your phone's front and back cameras, and varies based on phone model.


PanoClip's Snap-On 360° Lens is currently only compatible with Apple's iPhone, and this model is specifically for the iPhone X. Android compatibility is coming at a date to be announced.

How To Shoot

The photo-shooting process takes a couple seconds to complete. To get the best shot, do your best to avoid moving while capturing your surroundings. Also, avoid placing any important subjects at the border between the two lenses (directly to the left or right of your phone).

Screen Protector / Case Compatibility

The PanoClip base model will automatically adjust to screen protectors of varying thickness, including both thin, flexible ones and thicker, rigid ones. PanoClip is also compatible with thin protective cases.

Lens Cleaning

The carry pouch included in your PanoClip package is also a useful lens cloth. Before you shoot, use it to clean both of the PanoClip's lenses, as well as the lenses of your phone's front and back cameras. Clean the lenses using a circular motion around the center of the lens.



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