Tairāwhiti's new economy in a box.

Target3D are "The Home of Motion Capture" in the UK, but when expanding to New Zealand a unique opportunity presented itself. An entirely different strategy was created, designed to leverage the abundance of Te Tairāwhiti.

A community with incredible talent, passion and culture, in a region with a wealth of untold stories and pristine locations. It was apparent that unlocking the potential of the people will be the true measure of success.

With this in mind the innovation ecosystem strategy was born, a virtuous cycle that utilises the best of what is available and providing the links to defined outcomes. The goal - sustainability, personal development and mutual success through an education and commercial partnership.

Male runner in a circle graphic representing a virtuous cycle, surrounded by icons for attraction, engagement, education and opportunity, the steps in the cycle.
Target3D Innovation Ecosystem: Attraction > Engagement > Education > Opportunity

The relationships have been formed, the strategy is now in action and Target3D are operating in New Zealand. The economy in a box is how significant taking delivery of the first motion capture system could be. It is the first step in developing a digital economy, the first piece of technology that can cement the partnerships and the seed from which all of the future opportunities will grow.

Already the Perception Neuron Pro has been on loan with TŌNUI Collab, next to recieve it will be Young Animators, and simultaneously Target3D are doing pre production testing for Fuzzy Duckling Media. That's engagement, education and opportunity partners familiarising themselves, three of the steps in our innovation ecosystem, all from a single product.

The fourth step in our strategy is attraction, to ensure the 90 student and 50 staff capacity can be continuously met. This will be achieved through the establishment of StudioT3D, a home for the all of the partners in the strategy and a facility that is aspiration as a workplace and connects directly with the community....... but that is the subject of our next post.

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