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Healthy Aging

GaitBetter promotes healthy aging by introducing an innovative and proven training solution to improve mobility and reduce falls risk.

By adding virtual reality experience to common treadmills, GaitBetter enables an effective, personalized, enjoyable, easy-to-use and low cost motor-cognitive training service.

GaitBetter’s universal VR add-on transforms any treadmill into a powerful motor-cognitive training device. Utilizing proprietary computer vision algorithms, our system integrates the trainees’ feet movement into a virtual environment simulation of real-life challenges combining gait and cognitive skill exercise. Powered by AI, the solution automatically personalizes training programs to trainees need and capabilities.

WHY GaitBetter?

GaitBetter delivers unmatched solution for gait rehabilitation for falls risk reduction.

Here’s just a few reasons why:


GaitBetter was proven effective in reducing falls risk and improving gait measures in the highest standard of research and in clinical service.

Fun and enjoyable

Integrating gamification principles makes the training a fun and enjoyable experience resulting in high adherence.

Monitor performance

Tracks trainees performance and progression in a dedicated trainers and trainees online portal.



With just a couple of minutes to setup, actual training time significantly increases allowing for extensive obstacles negotiation and cognitive skills exercise.


With GaitBetter universal add-on to treadmills and auto training programs, providers do not need to invest in new equipment or dedicated staff, maintaining low cost of ownership.


Intended Use


Ideally used in outpatient rehabilitation clinics for patients with neurological or orthopedic based gait disorders such as Parkinson Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Mild Cognitive Impairments, Post stroke, Hip and Knee replacements, and others. Please contact us to learn whether your patients may benefit from the GaitBetter training solution.


Perfectly suited for wellness and falls prevention program to be provided in the communities and living centers including in assisted and independent living, CCRCs, Adult daycares, and gyms. GaitBetter welcomes relevant centers to contact us and learn more about offering the solution to residence.

GaitBetter is available for selected beta customers

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